Discover Why Vancouver (pronounced “Vancoover”) is constantly listed as one of the top ten cities to live in the world and is one of the most scenic cities in North America.

For certain it is one of the friendliest places with great hotels, glorious weather and awesome sights to see and take pictures of. Natural beauty surrounds our city along with a relaxed West Coast mentality and an abundance of parks, beaches, breath-taking vistas, outdoor cafés, local ski hills and…

It’s also the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics (in Whistler) only 2 hours away from the heart of the city.
These along with a great currency exchange rate could be just a few of the reasons why you might want to visit.

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Now you can judge for yourself why Vancouver is the best…….

* Best and absolute “must do” in the city
* Best hotels
* Best restaurants (cheap and expensive)
* Best places to take pictures
* Best grocery and shops for if you’re doing the cooking yourself
* Best top tips for exploring
* Best cafés to enjoy a latte
* Best places to shop! (in and out of the “trendy spots”)
* Best places to hike
* Best mountains to ski
* Best recreation events
* Best places to cycle
* Best places to go sailing
* Best locations for scuba diving
* Best cultural events and areas to visit
* Most romantic places

Vancouver is a city of spectacular super-natural beauty guaranteed breathtaking sights, friendly people, and of course… the best place to live and visit in the world! So… …Return often for more exciting information on many more of Vancouver’s best things to do, sights to see and local attractions.